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STRENGTH & SERVICE SERIES Preserving the Not-for-profit Legacy in Senior Living

  • May 12, 2021

A new wave of complexity is hitting the senior living & care sector. More Americans are entering retirement than ever before, but economic pressures from the pandemic and increasing complexity of the care for seniors are driving many nonprofit senior services providers to either affiliate or undergo acquisition with private sector companies. Many not-for-profits are taking a hard look at their long-term viability as they reconcile their extensive history of caregiving, vast industry knowledge, deep connection to the community, and mission-driven culture with the goals of remaining competitive, relevant and financially sound. During this webinar, Ziegler will talk about trends in the not-for-profit senior living & care sector and will highlight what providers need to consider as they look to preserve their Lutheran heritage and not-for-profit spirit.

This is not the first time that the nonprofit senior living industry has had to combat change. Lutheran social ministry organizations alone have provided health and human services in the U.S. for roughly 150 years and shown tremendous resilience in times of great social and economic upheaval. They have also become leaders in all-encompassing care, including independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, long-term care, memory support, and home and community-based services.

Please join us for this data-driven and motivational presentation from Ziegler on how to move forward to ensure perpetuity of your not-for-profit and Lutheran-based heritage, whether as an independent organization or in partnership with another. Ziegler will also share what newly combined organizations — not-for-profit and private — can each learn from the other to ensure success in our changing world.

Featured Speakers

  • Dan Hermann, President & CEO
  • Lisa McCracken, Director of Senior Living Research and Development