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STRENGTH & SERVICE SERIES By the (Hand)book — Staying Compliant in a Changing Environment

  • August 17, 2021

Handbooks, policies and forms . . . oh my! In 2020, many organizations had to quickly adapt to working remotely, and keep up with rapidly changing new health and safety requirements. Even though the dust seems to have settled a little and we are trending back towards some normalcy (knock on wood) it is not yet time to ease up if you are responsible for your organization’s handbook or policies. With these changing work environments coupled with new legislation, your handbook may be (probably is) outdated. There are over 50 new laws that took effect July 1 alone that impact 20 different states. How can you keep up? How do you know if your handbook is compliant for federal, state and local laws? Join us for a webinar to discuss handbooks where we will:
  • Share best practices on updating your handbook
  • Discuss key employment areas to review or create
  • Provide guidance for returning to the office or considerations for remaining remote
  • Give an overview of the online HR Support Center
  • Share how you can stay up to date with legislative changes

Featured Speakers

  • Beth Jones, Director of Ministry Solutions at Concordia Plans
Beth Jones is a Human Resources professional with over 15 years of progressive human resources experience. She has experience in a variety of industries, including education, health insurance, financial services and nonprofits. She has led teams, consulted and provided services to employers of all sizes from large Fortune 100 or 500 employers to small nonprofits and for a wide range of HR disciplines including workforce relations and planning, culture and engagement, compensation and benefits, reward and recognition, payroll, and training and development. As an active SHRM member, Beth has found it rewarding to mentor and guide new HR professionals entering the field and has volunteered her time and skills to help small nonprofits with HR issues. As she is most passionate about serving nonprofits, she finds her current position as Director of Ministry Solutions at Concordia Plans fulfilling as she gets to focus exclusively on helping nonprofit ministries obtain affordable products and services that ease administrative burden, help nonprofit ministries focus on their missions, and reduce employer risk. Current solutions available to some ministries include: HR, payroll and compensation services.