People with Disabilities

People with Disabilities

People with Disabilities

The Lutheran Services in America-Disability Network harnesses the collective power and wisdom of its nationwide group of Lutheran social ministry organizations to amplify our voice through advocacy and champion services and supports that enable individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to realize their dreams, achieve their potential and lead their best lives.

We’re committed to working with individuals with disabilities to advance policies that empower all people to live and work in the community of their choice with dignity and independence.

Our Network’s Founding

Our roots are Lutheran with a strong emphasis on caring for all people. Our network members are well-established, trusted in their communities and accountable to volunteer board members, not shareholders. As a network of peers, we join together to share resources, develop creative solutions and support each other to enable people with disabilities to realize their potential.

Our faith-based network advocates with the Administration and on Capitol Hill recognizing that through our strength as a network, we can more effectively address the needs of people with disabilities by providing a real choice about how and where they receive quality supports and services they deserve.


300 health and human
services organizations in
1,400 communities



With support from his sisters and his community living coordinator at Living Innovations, a service of Mosaic, Chef Adam Libby has become the face of confidence for people with disabilities. Read the incredible story.


All people with disabilities should have the opportunity to be full participants in their communities with the right to determine where they live and work. We are committed to working with people with disabilities to advocate for policies that expand access to services, improve quality of life and provide greater independence.

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Bill Kallestad

Director of Public Policy and Advocacy, Lutheran Services in America-Disability Network