Social Sector Leadership

Social Sector Leadership

Social Sector Leadership

We cultivate a community of social sector leaders underscored by trust and the open exchange of ideas. By bringing experts in healthcare, philanthropy, academia and business together with our network leaders, we tap into the persistence, dedication and commitment to making a difference in ever-evolving environments.


Our learning communities are where nonprofit leaders hone their leadership skills, develop strategies to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of their communities and shape new paths for low-income people and families.


300 health and human
services organizations in
1,400 communities




A unique, trusted learning environment where our network’s leaders examine success factors and exchange experiences with peers who share a core set of values and a mission to empower people and communities across our nation.


An interactive virtual webinar series designed to help our member organizations nationwide stay in the know on new and evolving practices and resources, curating a broad line-up of topics and subject matter expertise.

Race Equity & Inclusion

As people of faith, we pray and speak for hope, healing, justice and peace. As Lutheran social ministry, God’s grace and care for our neighbor—central tenets of our heritage—inform our commitment to dismantling inequity. Acting to build a stronger future—one that is fair, just and will deliver meaningful change for us all—will make our communities and nation immeasurably stronger.

Reimagining Diversity Collaborative

Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion

Race Equity Network

Empowering leaders to address inequity in our communities