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Today’s Front Line Hero: Inspiritus

October 12, 2020

 By Caitlyn Gudmundsen, Senior Manager Program Development and Outreach 

Today’s Front Line Hero is Inspiritus for their work cleaning up after tornadoes in Tennessee, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Inspiritus’ mission is guiding individuals and families whose lives have been disrupted on a path from surviving to thriving. To fulfill this mission, Inspiritus serves communities through a variety of programs, including disaster response.

Though most of the nation’s focus and energy is directed toward COVID-19, Inspiritus is still faithfully engaging in disaster response. Tornadoes in Cookeville, TN, east of Nashville, killed 24 individuals and damaged homes in the community. The Inspiritus disaster response team has been working in that community to help them rebuild.

Inspiritus staff and volunteers are adhering to social distancing guidelines as they help Cookeville rebuild. Inspiritus staff say their rebuilding efforts are actually ahead of schedule, and they have seen incredible support in the way of volunteers and donations. The community is showing immense love and support to those who were impacted by the tornadoes, which helps with rebuilding and healing.

Thank you to Inspiritus for your work in Cookeville, and for your dedication to communities’ needs in the wake of natural disasters!