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Today’s Front Line Hero: Dr. Antonio Oftelie

October 13, 2020

By Christopher Findlay, Senior Marketing Manager

Today’s Front Line Hero is Dr. Antonio Oftelie, the new court-appointed monitor for overseeing the completion of Justice Department–mandated reforms at the Seattle Police Department.

Dr. Oftelie is a Lutheran Services in America board member and the executive director of Leadership for a Networked World, an applied research initiative at Harvard University that works to create transformational thought leadership and learning experiences for executives building the future of outcomes and value. Dr. Oftelie states he is “unapologetically bullish” on the world’s future, and believes that every pressing challenge requires piecing together innovative ideas, from ensuring economic security and expanding civil rights to redesigning healthcare and improving education.

Dr. Oftelie grew up just three blocks away from Minneapolis’ Third Precinct police station, which was destroyed following the tragic death of George Floyd. His personal experience and professional expertise in seeking reforms for complex problems inform his thinking on how the city of Seattle can strengthen the integrity of its police department to ensure public safety and equity for all citizens. Dr. Oftelie believes Seattle has a good foundation for “a modern, effective, efficient and progressive policing organization that needs to just be taken to the next level.” Getting to that next level means:

  1. Allowing Seattle residents to define “public safety” and ensuring that mission is met effectively, efficiently, and transparently
  2. Positioning the SPD to become innovative and adaptive to future challenges
  3. Focusing on the values and culture within the police department, from the bottom to the top

Thank you to Dr. Oftelie for your service to the city of Seattle and our sincerest wishes for your success in achieving these crucial outcomes.