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Today’s Front Line Hero: Wellspring Lutheran Services

June 4, 2020

Today’s Front Line Hero is Wellspring Lutheran Services, and the compassionate staff who are faithfully serving the youth in their community throughout the pandemic.

Wellspring Lutheran Services supports members of its community in Michigan from childhood through end of life, and is committed to a “whole-person approach” to that care. Wellspring’s holistic supports for families include foster care, parenting support, residential care, behavioral health resources, and other family services.

Mr. Bond, (shown in photo above), is a youth specialist at New Directions, a Wellspring residential foster care campus in Farmington Hills for youth who have cognitive, behavioral, and emotional challenges that make it difficult for them to reside in traditional homes. Like many of us, the youth at New Directions are experiencing extreme emotions, as stress is particularly high due to the pandemic, economic crisis, and racial injustice. Past trauma can make it difficult for youth at New Directions to process those complex emotions. In the photo shown above, Mr. Bond got down onto the ground to process emotions with a youth, and was present with him when life felt overwhelming. Mr. Bond is a living example of Wellspring’s whole-person approach to care.

Unsung heroes like Mr. Bond are continuing to work on the frontlines every day during the pandemic, and deserve to be celebrated. They are faithfully supporting youth who have experienced trauma, work that is of utmost importance every day, but particularly in high stress times like these. The photo of Mr. Bond is an example of the genuine love and compassion that Wellspring staff consistently show to their community.

Thank you to Wellspring Lutheran Services’ staff for the love and commitment you are demonstrating to your community through the pandemic!