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Today’s Front Line Hero: Village On The Isle

June 30, 2020

Today’s Front Line Hero is Village On The Isle, which held a celebration for the graduates employed there.

Village On The Isle (VOTI) is an independent living retirement community in Venice, FL that is committed to sharing God’s love by promoting individual growth and dignity, enhancing the quality of life, and meeting the spiritual needs of its residents, staff, and community. VOTI certainly demonstrated that commitment when it recently celebrated the high school and college graduates it employs.

Many of VOTI’s part-time employees are high school and college students. Six of the high schoolers and three of the college students graduated this year, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they did not have a typical graduation ceremony and celebration. VOTI hosted a ceremony to honor its graduating employees, which was attended by the students, their families, and had a huge resident turnout. The ceremony included speeches, and all of the necessary social distancing safeguards to keep everyone safe from COVID-19.

The VOTI residents loved celebrating the graduates, and said it brought back happy memories of their own graduations, as well as those of their children and grandchildren. The residents care deeply about the students who work on staff, and many contribute generously to the Resident Scholarship Fund. They were delighted to see how their investment in the young VOTI employees’ education has resulted in graduating nurses, business leaders, and others. The love that is present in the VOTI community is felt, and one of the parents of a graduate posted on Facebook, saying that the staff and residents truly care about the employees.

Thank you to Village On The Isle for fostering a community of love that supports young people and celebrates their accomplishments!