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Today’s Front Line Hero: Upbring

June 8, 2020

Today’s Front Line Hero is Upbring, whose brave essential workers who continue to serve children in Texas every day.

Upbring provides holistic services to children and families in Texas, and is “determined to create a world where all children are cherished.” For 135 years, Upbring has been working to break the cycle of child abuse, and supports children and families physically, emotionally, and spiritually with services including foster care, adoption, children’s centers, community services, and others.

Upbring is located in Austin, but provides services across the state and region, serving more than 275,000 people annually in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. As an essential service provider, Upbring has remained open throughout the pandemic and continues supporting children and families. The front line staff make an active decision each day to keep children safe, strengthen families, and help communities grow safer and stronger no matter the circumstance.

President and CEO, Michael Loo recently posted on LinkedIn that, “As coronavirus cases climb in Texas, child welfare workers remain on the frontlines. I am thankful for the warrior spirit of each person at Upbring.” Upbring also shared a video as tribute to those front line workers, who are committed to serving the children and families across Texas.

Thank you to the courageous front line staff at Upbring who show up every day to provide services to children and families in Texas, even as the virus spreads through their state.