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Today’s Front Line Hero: Upbring

May 14, 2020

Today’s Front Line Hero is Upbring, which is honoring their staff, whom they call “warriors,” in their valiant efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Upbring provides holistic services to children and families in Texas, and is “determined to create a world where all children are cherished.” For 135 years, Upbring has been working to break the cycle of child abuse, and supports children and families physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

COVID-19 presents immense challenges for front line workers, and Upbring recognizes that the current environment is requiring their staff to go beyond their regular job descriptions. Upbring acknowledges that staff are picking up extra shifts and putting in extra work to meet the enhanced needs of families related to the pandemic. The staff show up every single day, tucking away fear and weariness, and smiling even when life is hard. Upbring released this video to thank their staff, and to honor their hard work and commitment.

Upbring’s video refers to the staff as “warriors,” who stand strong for the people they serve and for those who serve alongside them. The video recognizes case workers, therapists, direct care staff, kitchen and maintenance, supporting staff, and others, and serves as a reminder that every single member of the Upbring staffing community is a warrior and they matter. Upbring is grateful to these staff for not giving up during COVID-19, never faltering in their shared mission of breaking the cycle of child abuse, and for making Texas better.

Thank you to Upbring and your staff for the tremendous work you continue to do to serve Texans through the pandemic.