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Today’s Front Line Hero: SpiriTrust Lutheran

August 27, 2020

shBy Caitlyn Gudmundsen, Senior Manager of Program Development and Outreach

Today’s Front Line Hero is SpiriTrust Lutheran, which is building community and sharing joy in many ways through the pandemic.

SpiriTrust Lutheran’s name reflects its Lutheran heritage, its spirit of service, and its commitment to building trust among those it serves. It offers a wide array of services for seniors including residential living, assisted living, memory support, and nursing and rehabilitation services, as well as hospice care, domestic abuse solutions, and counseling services. SpiriTrust serves more than 23,000 people in 16 counties in Pennsylvania and three in northern Maryland.

Throughout the pandemic, SpiriTrust has looked for ways to build community and faithfully serve its residents. For example, residents at The Village at Luther Ridge have been spreading kindness by painting fun pictures and words of inspiration onto rocks, which are then placed strategically on the campus. The rocks provide encouragement and have been eliciting smiles from those who see them, with messages like, “Stay Strong,” and “He is my rock and my salvation.” Resident Kathryn has also been spreading kindness by donating flowers from her garden to beautify the community.

SpiriTrust continues to work to keep the community safe in many ways, including reminding people to wear masks, and educating seniors on what to expect from calls from contact tracers, to ensure that scam calls do not take advantage of seniors and steal their information.

Thank you to SpiriTrust for your many efforts to keep seniors safe, happy, and healthy through the pandemic!