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Today’s Front Line Hero: Samaritas

April 13, 2020

Today’s Front Line Hero is Samaritas, and the staff at their affiliate, Adrian Affordable Living. Due to the need to social distance during COVID-19, Adrian Affordable Living was forced to cancel their annual Easter party. Each year, Adrian Affordable Living hosts an Easter party on the property for the community, including an Easter egg hunt for the children. They saved money by cancelling the Easter party, and decided to use that funding to provide a necessity for their residents instead: toilet paper.

In the spirit of giving, staff at Adrian Affordable Living provided toilet paper to every household, which was greatly appreciated since toilet paper has been in short supply and many families have had trouble finding the needed product. One of their residents called the office to thank them for the gift, saying she had “prayed to the toilet paper gods just that morning,” since her family had run out and did not know how they would find more toilet paper.

Hats off to Samaritas and Adrian Affordable Living for using their resources to help their community! Though Easter parties had to be cancelled this year, we appreciate that you are looking to build community in other ways.