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Today’s Front Line Hero: NYU Langone

May 28, 2020

Today’s Front Line Hero is NYU Langone, whose dedicated front line staff were recently recognized in the Crain’s New York Business Notable in Health Care 2020 list.

New York saw tragedy unfold this year as the novel coronavirus spread through the region. This year’s Notable in Health Care special report shines a light on the stories of the front line workers who helped bend the steep curve in New York, and continue working to address the toll the pandemic has taken. Three of the heroes identified in the report work at NYU Langone. The front line workers at NYU Langone worked tirelessly when COVID-19 hit New York, and continue to fight to address health disparities that were accentuated by the pandemic.

Dr. Katherine Hochman, associate chair for quality of care and director of hospitalist program at NYU Langone is honored on the Notable in Health Care list. Dr. Hochman helped lead the COVID-19 response, even while quarantined. She redeployed more than 850 doctors, front line staff, and medical students to provide support where needed, kept personnel updated daily, and made great efforts to keep spirits high. Dr. Hochman also implemented the Family Connect program to enhance communications when family members were in isolation. Also honored in the Notable in Health Care list are Dr. Mark Mulligan, director of the Division of Infectious Diseases and Immunology and of the Vaccine Center, and assistant professor Dr. Andrew Wallach.

Thank you to NYU Langone for your dedicated work throughout the pandemic!