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Today’s Front Line Hero: Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota

June 12, 2020

Today’s Front Line Hero is Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (LSSMN), which is providing much needed resources to its community in times of unrest and uncertainty.

On June 2, LSSMN put out a call to its community for donations to support people in Minneapolis impacted by grocery store closures, damaged business, and transportation challenges. With just two days’ notice, the community members showed up on June 4 with immense generosity. People from all over Minnesota arrived at the LSSMN donation drive with van loads of supplies to support their fellow Minnesotans. Donations came in the form of financial gifts, gift cards for grocery stores and transportation, baby items, hygiene items, and household supplies. People also donated their time, with more than 65 volunteers working at the donation drive.

Word spread quickly among residents in Minneapolis, and the LSSMN became a go-to distribution center for people in need. LSSMN recognizes that the need for resources will persist in Minneapolis, and it plans to continue the donation drive. LSSMN expresses its gratitude to the hundreds of Minnesotans who demonstrated an outpouring of compassion and support for their neighbors.

Thank you to LSSMN for helping to resource residents in Minneapolis, and for fostering unity across the state!