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Today’s Front Line Hero: Liberty Lutheran

May 8, 2020

Today’s Front Line Hero is Liberty Lutheran. Rooted in more than 100 years of history, Liberty is a non-profit organization with a purpose that is strongly connected to its faith-based roots. Every day, their staff faithfully accompanies individuals and families who are facing life-changing situations through an empowering approach that honors their choices and well-being.

Located in Pennsylvania, Liberty Lutheran is the parent organization for five retirement communities, as well as Lutheran Congregational Services, Lutheran Disaster Response – Eastern Pennsylvania, Lutheran Children and Family Services’ (LCFS) West Philadelphia Senior Community Center (WPSCC), a home health service called Liberty at Home, and a fitness center geared toward older adults called The Becoming Center. Liberty Lutheran’s CEO, Luanne Fisher, feels that Liberty Lutheran is “privileged to answer the call to serve others and walk with them during their life journey.”

This sentiment has been especially true over the past several weeks. During the COVID-19 pandemic, staff across Liberty Lutheran have been working tirelessly to ensure health, safety, and comfort of their residents, while WPSCC has worked with partners to launch a food delivery service for those in need. For its part, Lutheran Congregational Services is working with congregations and relief organizations across Eastern Pennsylvania to navigate challenges presented with the pandemic and the reopening of the state.

Thank you to Liberty Lutheran and everyone who contributes their talents to achieving Liberty’s mission to empower and care for others, especially those who are most vulnerable during these extraordinary times. Your talents, dedication, and warmth, are what is needed most.