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Today’s Front Line Hero: Inspiritus

August 11, 2020

Today’s Front Line Hero is Inspiritus, which is working around the clock to help stabilize individuals and families who are on the precipice of falling into economic hardship, and supporting foster children throughout the pandemic.

Inspiritus’ mission is to guide families and individuals on a path from surviving to thriving, and it works to empower people whose lives have been disrupted to discover their strengths and resilience. Formerly Lutheran Services of Georgia and Lutheran Services in Tennessee, Inspiritus provides services to families and children, individuals with intellectual disabilities, refugees, and people who are recovering from natural disasters.

The COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn have been challenging for many families across the nation, and Inspiritus is working tirelessly to provide financial aid and income supports with job coaching across the state of Georgia. The Inspiritus Financial Opportunity Center is providing resources and making efforts to halt eviction for hard working clients.

Inspiritus is also working to support foster children, and partnered with Ticket To Dream Foundation to provide foster children with the school supplies they need to succeed as they return to school. Though times are hard for many families, heroes continue to emerge such as the Inspiritus foster family in Atlanta who recently took in a family of seven foster children. Inspiritus is grateful for the heroes who allow the important work to continue.

Thank you to Inspiritus for your ongoing care for families, and to the Inspiritus community that supports the work!