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Today’s Front Line Hero: Graceworks Lutheran Services

August 5, 2020

By Caitlyn Gudmundsen, Senior Manager of Program Development and Outreach

Today’s Front Line Hero is Graceworks Lutheran Services, which is going above and beyond to address the social and emotional needs of its employees.

Headquartered in Dayton, OH, Graceworks Lutheran Services has faithfully cared for people in challenging and changing circumstances for nearly a century. Graceworks is rooted in the Christian faith, and dedicated to upholding personal dignity and wholeness of life for people of all faiths. Its programs include housing services, senior living, and programs for people with disabilities.

In addition for caring for those in its community, Graceworks is dedicated to caring for the holistic needs of its staff. Recognizing that the COVID-19 pandemic takes a significant toll on front line staff’s emotional well-being, Graceworks expanded its SHINE program. SHINE stands for “Supporting the Holistic and Individual Needs of Employees,” and encourages Graceworks employees to practice self-care. Graceworks outlines best practices for self-care, encourages employees to live well-balanced lives, and provides an Employee Assistance Program, which offers counseling, as needed.

Graceworks’ emphasis on holistic employee health earned it a spot on the Dayton Business Journal’s 2020 Healthiest Employers list.

Thank you to Graceworks Lutheran Services for supporting your front line employees, who in turn support the community, and congratulations on being named one of Dayton’s Healthiest Employers!