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Today’s Front Line Hero: Graceworks Lutheran Services

March 27, 2020

Today’s Front Line Hero is Graceworks Lutheran Services, (with 63 locations in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky), who is going above and beyond to meet the holistic needs of residents and employees.

Graceworks is focused not only on keeping residents and employees safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but on making sure residents don’t feel isolated during this time. For example, staff at Bethany Village (Centerville, Ohio) are creating original programming on the senior living community’s internal television station for residents in independent and assisted living settings as well as long-term care, including exercise classes, mini concerts by talented staff, and frequent spiritual segments. Resident council meetings and regular updates also are being broadcast, all helping to lift the spirits of residents and keep them engaged, helping earn Bethany Village recognition from local media for their efforts to connect residents and family members during times when visitors aren’t allowed in licensed areas. Staff help residents utilize iPads and smartphones to connect with their loved ones, as well.

Staff at Graceworks Housing Services, providing affordable housing for income-qualified seniors or those with disabilities, is connecting residents with donors from the community who want to help in this time of need. At Messiah Community in Urbana, Ohio, a local restaurant owner delivered a shopping cart full of items to a resident who had no means of shopping for herself. The owner indicated he would be back as needed to make sure she has supplies so she can stay home during the pandemic.

And at Graceworks Enhanced Living, which provides homes for persons living with intellectual disabilities, staff is supporting one another by displaying ways to practice safe hygiene during the crisis. They also are encouraging residents to practice social distancing while still enjoying the warming weather.

The organization’s Human Resources staff are focused on making sure employees practice self-care as well. Graceworks has adopted a motto of SHINE, for Supporting the Holistic and Individual Needs of Employees. Regular messages are being sent to employees thanking them for their valuable and selfless service, for doing the right things to keep everyone safe, and providing information on ways to focus on all areas of holistic health.

Lutheran Services in America is proud of the holistic care our member organizations like Graceworks are providing. We’re glad to recognize them for their valuable efforts today!