Race Equity Network


Bringing about real change.

Lutheran Services in America leads the Race Equity Network, a forum for leaders committed to promoting racial justice. The Network strives to support, strengthen and empower leaders in their work to address inequity in their own organization and communities. This group aims to bring about real change by advancing conversations about race equity and addressing policies that disproportionately harm people of color.

Our Commitment to Equity and Justice

As mission-driven, faith-based organizations, it is vital that we consider our roles in systemic racism and work to dismantle inequitable systems.


We not only have the collective opportunity to fix as a nation what has been so wrong for so long, but the imperative to do so.

Addressing inequity.

The Race Equity Network provides a forum for learning and peer support where members share resources and experiences as each member journeys to becoming more racially aware leaders and organizations. The group also shares resources with the larger network to draw on its strength for collective action for positive change at the national level.

Shaping policy nationwide.

The Race Equity Network uses members’ experience and expertise to shape more just and equitable national policies. The group informs the Lutheran Services in America national policy agenda with the goal of creating greater equity in their local communities and leading efforts to engage the larger network in advocating for the adoption of those policies.

Join the Network.

The Race Equity Network is an inclusive group that is open to all Lutheran Services in America members at any time. Come join us! Contact Susan Newton for more information.
“We must not only act in ways that enhance quality of life for those we support, but also speak out against injustice when we see or experience it. We must continue to explore our personal biases against those who are different.”

Damyn Kelly

President & CEO,
Lutheran Social Services of New York



Susan Newton
Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives