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STRENGTH & SERVICE SERIES Crisis Fatigue in the Workforce: A Conversation with Dr. Christine Cauffield

  • February 10, 2021

TIME Magazine reflected in a December issue why many consider 2020 to be “The Worst Year Ever.” The last 10 months have been especially difficult for people living in the U.S., where more than 400,000 people have died from COVID-19. There is also no question that long-lasting emotional trauma from race-based violence, mass unemployment, and political and social unrest is exhausting employees, a phenomenon known as crisis fatigue. The question for all leaders – not just CEOs, but anyone who manages staff – is how to best support employees suffering from crisis fatigue while also ensuring they have what they need to lead effectively. This webinar will feature Dr. Christine Cauffield, Chief Executive Officer of LSF Health Systems, a managing entity comprised of 60 behavioral health care organizations across Northeast and North Central Florida. Dr. Cauffield will discuss the many physiological effects that long-term stress and emotional trauma have on the body and share tools leaders can use to recognize and address crisis fatigue for themselves and their employees. Dr. Cauffield is a trusted and visionary leader in behavioral health with clinical expertise in substance abuse, trauma recovery, grief and loss issues, integrated health, and brain disease/disorders, and has worked extensively with leaders across sectors to address the organizational impact of crisis fatigue and mental health. She has a degree in Clinical Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology and completed her internship and post-doctoral residency at Harvard Medical School.