CEO Summit 2024


CEO Summit 2024: Headwinds. Tailwinds. Resiliency.

Join us January 28–31, 2024, at The Wigwam hotel near Phoenix for our premier event designed to empower nonprofit leaders in the health and human services sector: CEO Summit.

We’ve reimagined CEO Summit to deliver even more! With a continued commitment to the quality programming you expect, we’re also introducing ways to enrich your experience while retaining all the elements you enjoy about CEO Summit.

  • Expert Insights:
    • Onuka Ibe, industry trend-spotter and partner at La Piana Consulting, a national firm at the forefront of innovative strategic partnerships. A trusted advisor and business strategist for nonprofits nationwide, Onuka has a bird’s eye view of the ways organizations are positioning for the future. His seminar, Rightsizing: Positioning for the Future, examines  who is scaling back and why, who is growing and how, and the many shapes of partnerships and acquisitions of the future.

    • Cleveland Justis, author of the bestseller and business journal favorite Don’t Lead Alone: Think Like a System, Act Like a Network, Lead Like a Movement! shares techniques that successful CEOs leverage to recognize and harness the strength of others. His seminar, Biggest Fleet, Not Biggest Boat, uses real-life examples and practice exercises, designed to encourage you take a step back and reframe your thinking to observe, engage, and motivate others toward action.

    • Other industry leaders like Jeff Lubell, a leading authority on housing and community development at Abt Associates; Allison Rein, Vice President of Health and Human Services at Quantified Ventures; and Arielle Zina, Vice President of Social Drivers of Health and Community Impact at UnitedHealthcare.
  • Catalyst Roundtables:
    1. Connecting to Impact Investing
    2. The Future of Healthcare Partnerships

    3. Advancing Housing Solutions

  • Opportunities to Connect: We’re planning space and time for formal and informal opportunities to deepen connections on a personal and professional level including one-on-one walks, networking dinners, collaboration group check-ins, meet-and-greet receptions and much more!

This is what happens when we come together!