CEO Summit 2023: Future-Ready!


CEO Summit 2023: Future-Ready!

Join us January 22–25, 2023, near Phoenix, Arizona, for the Lutheran Services in America CEO Summit. Reunite with peers and gather with the best minds to gain insights, share innovative ideas and build meaningful connections. Mergers and acquisitions, recession and inflation, and growing demand and decreasing margins are a few of the countless disruptive factors that CEOs must juggle as they lead their organizations into the future. Explore how leaders are targeting present-day actions, identifying steps for success and preparing for the coming realities that will impact their communities.


We’ll examine:

  • The disruptive forces impacting health and human services and how future-ready CEOs stay on top of promising new trends, assess disruptors and prepare for the coming realities that will impact their communities
  • Cutting-edge research on the workforce and what needs to happen to ensure that health and human service organizations provide quality human services into the future
  • How CEOs are building, leading and equipping future-ready boards

CEO Summit 2023 is your opportunity to reconnect in person in an environment underscored by trust and the open exchange of ideas. By bringing experts in healthcare, philanthropy, academia and business together with our network leaders, we tap into the persistence, dedication and commitment to making a difference in ever-evolving environments.